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Tertarik dengan pemrograman parallel?

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Tertarik dengan pemrograman parallel?
by Heru Suhartanto - Sunday, 14 February 2021, 8:33 AM

What is Parallel Programming?

In very simple terms, it is the use of multiple resources, in this case, processors, to solve a problem. This type of programming takes a problem, breaks it down into a series of smaller steps, delivers instructions, and processors execute the solutions at the same time. It is also a form of programming that offers the same results as concurrent programming but in less time and with more efficiency


There are two major advantages to using this programming over concurrent programming. One is that all processes are sped up when using parallel structures, increasing both the efficiency and resources used in order to achieve quick results. Another benefit is that parallel computing is more cost efficient than concurrent programming simply because it takes less time to get the same results.

Where is it Used?

This type of programming can be used for everything from science and engineering to retail and research. It’s most common use from a societal perspective is in web search engines, applications, and multimedia technologies. Nearly every field in America uses this programming in some aspect, whether for research and development or for selling their wares on the web, making it an important part of computer science.

Parallel computing is the future of programming and is already paving the way to solving problems that concurrent programming consistently runs into.

Kita sering dengar Big Data Processing,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, dan hungry applications,  semua itu memerlukan Teknik pemrograman parallel.   


Saat ini, pendaftar baru 7 mhs, silahkan bagi yang berminat bergabung. Kita akan praktek dengan Cluster System, Multicore Computers (64 cores) dan  Nividia GPU tipe GEForce GTX 2080 Ti dengan 2944 CUDA cores.