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Reminder for SDA KI and TBA KI Students

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Reminder for SDA KI and TBA KI Students
by Suryana Setiawan - Monday, 14 September 2020, 12:15 PM

Dear Students of SDA/TBA class (International Program), I have scheduled some lectures via Zoom for the first week of both classes. You need to do several things (if you haven't) before the respective lecture (at least 1 hour before the lecture!), as follows:

  1. Self-enrolling in the SCELE course's slot to know the URL of Zoom-link that was already (and will be) posted there.
  2. Sending a request for via WhatsApp (by using your own WA) to 087882919044  so I can include you in a WA Group of the class where the password for the lecture via Zoom will be announced to the student. In the body of your message, write the course TBA/SDA/both as "TBA - your_email - your_npm - your_name_as_registered").

Though you are not registered yet due to late IRS-approval, your participation in the lectures will be counted as well towards your final grade.  

Many thanks for your attention.

- Suryana Setiawan